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Sahityasampada For Readers
Do you love to read literature? Then sahityasampada is for you. Sahityasampada offers Indian Regional Language Literature to read on your favorite digital device. You can browse books on sahityasampada. You can read books of your own choice by selecting book to read once you have completed your registration. Sahityasampada offers three types of memberships
Free Membership :
You will be able to read books free with Interstitial Advertisements inserted in between the pages of the books (ONLY ONE BOOK IN A MONTH).
Paid Membership :
You will have to pay a fixed monthly subscription and reading cost per book in this type. There will not be any advertisements inserted in between the pages of book.
OnFly Membership :
You need not pay monthly subscription but you will have to pay slighly higher reading cost per book. There will not be any advertisements inserted in between the pages of book.
For Membership Information and payment Information visit Membership Info
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*Rajendra Chauhan from Ahmedabad,India

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